Bipolar Disorder - Case Studies


Case Study 1

The Bipolar Lift recently supported John a 55 year old man who suffers from Bipolar Disorder and was recently discharged from Highbury hospital after he was sectioned. He was in hospital for 9 months and was institutionalised by the time he came home. He lived alone and was very distressed to find out that his benefits had all ceased due to being in hospital. He contacted us and we were able to support him on a one-to-one basis. We managed to reinstate all of his benefits and develop a care plan to help support him in the community and to prevent a relapse.

Case Study 2

Aneeta is a 61 year old woman who has had Bipolar Disorder since she was a child. She has been in and out of hospital many times and her medication is now working, however, when she is ill, she does not want to talk to anyone and hides away. She does not want to face anyone and wants to stay on her own. When she is ill, she spends lots of money as this is part of her illness and she doesn’t open her mail. The debts were getting on top of her and she felt as though she was drowning. Thanks to Bipolar Lift she has now been able to deal with her debts through one to one and group sessions. These debts include Seven Trent Water and other debts she accumulated over the years. She was so scared about her debts and now feels that a heavy weight has been lifted from her shoulders. She is grateful to Bipolar Lift and described the advisor as ‘an angel in disguise’.