The Bipolar Lift CIC

The Bipolar Lift CIC

The Bipolar Lift CIC

The Bipolar Lift CIC The Bipolar Lift CIC The Bipolar Lift CIC

Making a significant, positive difference to the lives of Bipolar Disorder sufferers, their families and friends in Nottingham.  One to one and group support sessions.




Telephone Support

 We provide telephone support to those in need, but will only provide face-to-face meetings with bipolar disorder sufferers in the Nottingham/Nottinghamshire area. This service is manned during office hours and will be referring urgent cases to the Emergency Services or Crisis Teams 


Holistic Group and One to One Support Sessions

  Holistic Support - To encourage Bipolar Disorder sufferers to be able to talk openly about any issues that are worrying them. The Bipolar Lift will aim to provide assistance to their employer, and financial issues by addressing them and communicating with their employers or welfare advisors. Benefit and welfare support, employment advice and 'Managing Myself' care and career plans will provide some sort of medium to long term focus. We aim to help the Bipolar Disorder sufferer to reach a place of reduced stress, achieve plans and most importantly in a place where they can speak to us when they are feeling very low and suicidal.


Fulfilling Lives

Our service will enable people who are excluded – through prejudice, discrimination or isolation – to live more fulfilling lives. We have a qualified social worker with experience in Bipolar Disorder to compliment our volunteer Engagement Specialist, and a volunteer Employer and Financial Support worker.  We will only provide face-to-face meetings to Bipolar Disorder Sufferers in the Nottingham/Nottinghamshire area. 

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